3 Simple Tips To Become a More Productive Web Designer

Time is moving at an unbelievably fast pace and for most of us, the 24 hours of a day not suffice to complete our everyday chores. Did it ever occur to you, that this may be because you spend the early morning hours snoring in your bed instead of getting up and adding an extra 2- 2.5 hours in your daily schedule? Let me quote the examples of some renowned personalities who gained remarkable success in life. All of them were morning persons who utilized the early morning hours to their best.

Those amazing pieces of literature by Ernest Hemingway that most of us love to read. Well, most of them were composed during the wee hours of 5 and 6am. The successful entrepreneur Richard Branson has been known for getting up around 5:45am. And Disney CEO Iger knows how to make the best of the morning hours so he is up by 4:30 am.

Getting up early in the morning will have a positive effect on your yield. Howbeit, if it’s virtually impossible for you to wake up so soon, there are always other options to amplify your work output. Let’s take a look at some other ways to increase your productivity:

Pin Drop Silence won’t do You Much Good!

Research says that it is better to have light music playing around you while working on your project. Classical music has been recommended for getting better ideas and improving work productivity, although the selection of music may vary from person to person. Soft music will jag your memory and drift away the drowsiness. Howbeit, while selecting the genre of music to listen to while working, steer clear of heavy metal and anything too strenuous for ears.

Your background music should be something similar to a soft melody you may hear at a coffee shop. Even the muffled sounds of TV in the background will suffice if you are not in the mood to hear music in particular. Just fill in the silences with something while working on your next tedious project!

Great Idea

Say No to Procrastination

With all your heart you plan to say no to procrastination, but we all know how that ends. Most of the offices have blocked social media sites because there have been reports of  employees engaging themselves on Twitter and Facebook instead of paying attention to their work. So yes, procrastination in the form of excessive usage of social media is off limits at workplace. But there can be so many other forms of procrastination. What you need is foreign aid. Have you ever visited online procrastination therapists like StayFocused for Chrome, Waste No Time fo Safari, and LeechBlock for Firefox? They are just the most amazing applications which will help you in making your time on internet more productive. These apps save you from wasting time on time-wasting websites. Give them a look next time you open your computer.

Get inspired – fast!

When time is running fast and your project is pending, get into action and make the best use of internet. Check out Font of the Day which offers a multitude of amazing fonts which seem perfect for the project you are currently working on. And the good news is that most of them are free! Likewise, Another Pony offers innovative graphical designs. Give it a visit.

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