8 Basic Tips For Choosing a Laptop


Desktops do not fascinate a user more than a laptop does. Laptops have their own features that attract the users, who need a computing device almost all the time of work. Laptops started luring the customers with the portability factor. However, the dimension of choosing a laptop has widened.

To make a better choice of laptop, with billions of them in the market, you need to be cautious about few of the factors that are important for the kind of laptop that you desire to buy.

1. The laptop should be shopped from an authorized store. You may like the laptop on the first glimpse, but you should not take a decision of buying it from any store. It should always be from a reputed and an authenticated store.

2. Keyboard is an important component, as all the inputs to the laptop will be fed through it. So, it is very important that you examine your laptop well. Check out for the keys and the response on pressing them. It is the component that cannot be replaced, so be careful while buying it.

3. Touchpad of the system should be sensitive to the touch of your finger. The vertical and horizontal scroll bar should work well, and shouldn’t be over sensitive that your task to work with it becomes easier.

4. Make sure of a point that it doesn’t heat up too quickly, as it will have chances of damaging the laptop components, by not letting the heat out of the system.

5. Ensure that the laptop’s screen has the resolution, which is comfortable to work with. LCD screens are the most hyped screen type, but the resolution of LCD screens should be more than 1600×1200 and less than 800×600.

6. Be careful to check with the USB ports. At least 2 USB ports and a fire wire point should be present in a laptop. With these ports in your laptop, you can connect almost all the devices to your laptop for file transfer and other activities.

7. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are the ones that are desired by a user for easy transfer of files between two computers.

8. Battery life is one of the basic needs to buy a laptop. If it doesn’t have a longer battery life, then it’s not worthy to buy one.

These are few of the basic needs that need to be considered, while buying a laptop.

Author Robert R. is an avid guest blogger who writes on behalf of Mytechgurus. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the everyday computer user, by helping them with common errors, especially Windows installer errors and slow computer problems. Check out his articles at the My Tech Gurus blog.

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  1. Bindu says:

    Good idea… people don’t know all this things.. they blindly follow the brands…. after reading your article definitely i will suggest all those things to my customers, this article is very helpful to me

  2. PC Richards says:

    There are hundreds of laptops available to buy and purchasing a laptop can be a tricky situation for people who are inexperienced in this area.With this great information they can buy good laptop for themselves.

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